1. Airplanes: Because of the amount of people, airports are full of germs - This is why people often feel sick after traveling  
  2. Your Bathroom: Germs love moist humid environments and can live all throughout your bathroom for quite some time
  3.  Elevators: Just like you can get stuck on the elevator, so can germs. Many people get the influenza/viruses from hand to mouth contact by pressing the floor button 
  4.  Dining Out: The most common germ transfers are from hand to food contact - Germs are often spread from those you prepare, garnish, and serve your food 
  5. Smart Phone Use: Phones are completely covered in germs - Every time you answer a call or a text you are getting germs on our hands and face 
  6.  Contact with Children: Kids are germ factories - Babies have dirty diapers that are full of bacteria and kids carry a lot of germs from day care and school 
  7.  Home Food Preparation: Germs can be passed very easily though raw foods, the temperature of foods, washing of foods/cutting boards/untensils, etc. 
  8.  Pet Contact: While pets are a mans best friend, they are also germ infested - From do-do to the outdoors, they are full of germs