Sterile Complete Laundry Detergent


  •  Our laundry detergent imparts an invisible antimicrobial shield on laundered items 
  • Works extremely well to remove microbial source of odors embedded in fabrics from bacteria, algae, fungi, mold and mildew Embeds an EPA registered antimicrobial into the fabric during wash cycles 
  • Long lasting antimicrobial formula builds and intensifies with repeated washings 
  • Unscented and phosphate free detergent is non – toxic, hypoallergenic and environmentally safe 
  • Specifically formulated to use as a detergent 

Our Technology: Hospital studies have shown bacteria transfer on clothing is a large cause of infections. Regular washing does not kill or deter growth on clothing, bedding, or other fabrics.  With regular use of our detergent, it will add an invisible antimicrobial shield to your clothes.